Personally, I’d have the GS350 AWD with the Luxury Package instead. I had it on my 10 RX350 and the semi analine leather alone made it worth it. The 6 speed auto is not bad, decently responsive with crisp rev matching, as I’ve experienced in my mother’s IS350 AWD. Mild drop on Tanabe NF210s and a nice aftermarket… » 5/01/15 3:51pm Friday 3:51pm

The meters on the street by the Yonkers PD/courthouse have a button that gives you a free 10 minutes. Which is useless if you have to fill the meter because God knows when your cases will be called, but I thought it was a nice gesture. Me, I keep rolls of quarters in my car now. » 4/30/15 3:39pm Thursday 3:39pm

My complaint is that I can’t even test drive one. I sit in it at the dealer and the upper seat back bolsters dig into my 50R shoulder blades like it’s their job. I couldn’t own one. I never got the chance to like it. I guess I’m stuck with my me-too Mustang. » 4/30/15 3:06pm Thursday 3:06pm