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Seems to be a common Chrysler problem. My buddy's 2013 Wrangler Rubicon's clutch disc exploded at 3500 miles. They tried to blame it on him at first, but there was no way that he could have caused that failure. After a month and a half of fighting with them and being lied to about progress, and the car sitting waiting… » 8/20/14 3:21pm Yesterday 3:21pm

I still strongly dislike those mesh 19s that are mandatory with the Performance Package. They're just so bland. Flat faces and thick spokes, and could do with 5-10mm lower offset. No thanks. I wonder if the Boss 302 wheels I have now or these 20s from the standard GT will fit over those brakes,. They're similar to the… » 8/18/14 10:51am Monday 10:51am

Engine swaps are fun y'all. It's great having a car that goes just as fast in a straight line as it would if you had spent the same money in the stock motor, except now you get to say that you deleted the A/C because there's no way to make the factory HVAC work with the swapped motor. » 8/18/14 8:47am Monday 8:47am

I pose to you that all BMWs from that era are somewhat timeless. I think the E36 M3 Coupe has one of the most handsome shapes of any 2 door sedan ever built. The E39 5er still looks great if you can find a nice one today. Don't even get me started on the E38s. » 8/15/14 2:25pm Friday 2:25pm

0/72, if your circumstances do not change, is an excellent deal, considering the inflation over 6 years as well. However, you will be upside down on the car for a very long time. In long term, no interest financing, I'm willing to pony up the $500 bucks for GAP insurance. Saved me 1.5k(2k minus the $500 dollars for… » 8/15/14 10:56am Friday 10:56am

Remember what you actually use your car for, not what you want your car to theoretically be able to do. $4500.00 triple adjustable remote reservoir shocks have no place on a car that is used to commute 4 (or 40) miles every day. Yes, they're the best. No you don't need them. » 8/15/14 10:31am Friday 10:31am