The 6.2L LT1, 460hp pushrod V8 in the new Corvette is the same weight, physically smaller, and much simpler than 5.0L, 420hp DOHC V8 in my Mustang. Displacement is a meaningless number. Look at physical engine characteristics, like exterior dimensions, engine weight, and fuel efficiency to determine the merits of an… » 4/16/14 11:16pm Wednesday 11:16pm

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nissan. Murano. Crosscabriolet. I live in N.Y., where we get snowy winters and hot summers. That ugly monstrosity is the perfect car for someone like my girlfriend, who is too small to dig a car out of a snowed in spot and also really wants a convertible, and only has the… » 4/12/14 2:32pm 4/12/14 2:32pm

0-60 times have always been bullshit. There is no way to eliminate the variables. Namely, the weather and surface conditions. Even if it's done on the same strip of road, the temperature and humidity will play huge factors in the amount of traction available (mostly for fast 2wd cars) and power the cars will make… » 4/04/14 1:08pm 4/04/14 1:08pm